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ReformRx is the premier functional fitness facility
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We are not a gym. We are not a group fitness studio. We are a Health and Fitness facility that prioritizes your wants, needs and goals so that you get the best results possible.

Have you ever had to stop working out or going to your fitness class because of aches and pains?

Do you feel like every time you get momentum going with your fitness routine, you have to stop because of an old injury?

Are you having more pain and difficulty with your daily life activities because of what you are doing in the gym?

We go to the gym to look better, feel better and live a longer, healthier life. And that is our guarantee.



What keeps you coming back? The culture of the gym. There are athletes of all skill levels and ages and there is no judgement. The members and coaches are friendly and encouraging. And the coaching at CFVF is great. They are always mindful of each member’s ability and to ensure proper form to prevent injury. It’s always good to be reminded that form is most important, not the amount of weight you lift.

The reasons I keep coming back are twofold. The first is personal. I am an older father of a young daughter. I want to be able to keep up with her but also stay in good health, so I can be around as she grows up. Before I joined the gym, I had gained a lot of weight and was not in the best of health. My daughter motivated me to join but also continues to motivate me to ski. Since I’ve joined CFVF I am more active and can do activities we both love like ski, swim, bike, hike, etc. The other reason I have stayed is it is just a great place. The coaches are all terrific and I consider them all amongst my friends. They keep me motivated and work with me to make sure the workouts are “tweaked” to help me meet my goals. Most of the people who work out there tend to come and stay. Thus, we are not only “gym buddies” but do things outside the gym. It is just a fun place to work out even when the workouts aren’t easy. Lastly, it is an environment that encourages everyone. Both the athletes and coaches are extremely supportive no matter your goals or fitness level.

What keeps me coming back? The challenge and the people. I have never found a workout routine that continually challenges me both physically and mentally. In the two years I have belonged to Valley Forge I have seen a huge difference in my body composition and strength! CrossFit Valley Forge is so much more than a gym, it is a community. This group of people, not just the incredible coaching staff, have been equally responsible for my fitness successes. We encourage each other and celebrate each others accomplishments! My workout partners make me want to come to the gym as much as the workouts!

What keeps you coming back to CrossFit Valley Forge?

The coaches, the community, and the convenience. The coaches are all top notch and really spend a lot time helping the athletes improve their form and technique. The community of athletes and coaches create a fun environment to both workout in and to socialize with at and away from the gym.

Why would you recommend this gym to others?

In addition to all of the reasons above, the programming is varied and provides challenges for all levels of athlete. The workouts never really get easier, but as you get stronger and your technique improves, you can continually push yourself a little more. I’ve personally seen tremendous growth in myself and many of the other members of the gym.